Psych Ups

Instant Focus, Confidence, and Happiness!
The Wolff Couple

     What if you could think the perfect thoughts at the touch of a button?
     Thoughts that would make you the most productive and happy you've ever been?
     What if you could call up a state of intense confidence and focus at any moment?

     That is the secret of Psych Ups. Your performance and mood are a direct result of the thoughts going through your mind at any given moment. So why not take control and make them the best? If the perfect thoughts are available, you owe it to yourself and everyone in your life to have them at your command.

The Wolff Couple

     The Psych Ups come in 3 forms – DVDs to watch, CDs to listen to, and handy Guidebooks to refer to any time of your day. The Psych Ups Self-Development System contains confidence-building and massively motivating thoughts, accompanied by stirring and passionate music to elicit just the right response.

     Our Introductory package includes 4 powerful Psych Ups on these crucial life-changing topics:

1. Start Every Day Psyched Up!
2. Focus on Goals for Greatness
3. Take Winning Action!
4. Sleep Great and Wake Up Ready

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     Watching or listening to these every day will absolutely change the way you think about yourself and your world. Thinking the right way will help you see clearly all the opportunities and relationships that will bring you the success and happiness you desire. Then the words in the Psych Up System will propel you to Take Action, intelligently, to achieve all your goals.

     Here are more titles, covering all the subjects you need to “think right” about:

Volume I -- Daily Power
1. Start Every Day Psyched Up
2. Focus On Goals for Greatness
3. Take Winning Action!
4. Sleep Great and Wake Up Ready

Volume II – Money and Time Power
1. Make More Money
2. Easy Time Management
3. Making Work Fun
4. Giving Back

Volume III – Body and Mind Power
1. Live Healthier and Longer
2. Eat Great and Lose Weight
3. Excited About Exercising
4. Steps to Think Smarter

Volume IV – Living Happy and Powerful
1. Freedom from Stress
2. Endless Love and Passion
3. Secrets to Great Sex
4. Finding and Keeping True Love
5. Accepting and Loving Others

Bonus Psych Ups:
1. Self-Confidence and Self-Respect
2. Freedom from Bad Habits
3. Forgiving and Letting Go
4. Being a Great Parent
5. Believe in the Future
6. Big Game Top Performance

Psych Ups “What to Do” Manual
    Organize and Systemize Your Life!
1. Step by Step Guide to follow System
2. Power Forms for Success


     There has never been a system like this, so effective at building you up and keeping you focused. In addition, the delivery of this awesome content is designed to be engaging and compelling. When you own and use this library of powerful thought on a daily basis it will absolutely transform your thinking patterns, your results, and your life!

     Call us now to see how we can make this happen, or email us through the "Contact Us" button above. We would love to personally talk with you and discover any ways we could help make your life better. Our Mission is to help others succeed, so your success is our main goal. Let us prove that to you through our amazing training. Call Us Now at 866-Psych-Ups!